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1. What do I wear for class?
Pole Class: Please wear comfortable work-out clothes to class. Please pack workout shorts or wide-legged yoga pant (that you can roll up) so you do not slide off for pole fitness class,  stilettos are preferred but you can also perform class in bare feet or socks if you please. 
A. Lap Dance Class: clothes that you would wear to the gym is fine, stilettos are mandatory for this class. 
B. Twerk, Boot Camp & Zumba: Comfortable workout clothing & sneakers are mandatory for these classes. 
C. Pilates Infused Yoga: Comfortable workout attire, Barefoot.
D. Twerk'Out: Leggings that are thin preferred, please no spanx or clothing that are thick and hold you in. For this class we let everything loose. Heels are optional for this class.  


2. Do I need to be a dancer, be thin, or athletic to take the dance classes?
Our classes are designed for women of all sizes, shapes, flexibilities, and levels.You don't need to have dance experience to take our classes. We offer a wide variety of classes to help the everyday women achieve her fitness goals and to keep things interesting! Variety is the spice of life! 


3. Is there an age or weight limit?
We have women from 18-70 years old in our classes, there is no weight limit.
4. Is there an expiration for my package?
Yes expiration is as follows:
5 Class package- 1 Month 
10 Class Package-2 Months


5. Will I have my privacy while I take these classes? 

Yes, men are not allowed in our classes.



6. Are classes interchangeble if I purchase a package?
Yes! If you purchase a package of 5 or 10  you can  sign up for any class we offer. This allows women to mix classes according to her interest and fitness goals. 
7. Any other requirements?
Do not wear any oils or moisturizers, as this impedes pole gripping, floor work, and can make it dangerous.


8. Is parking free?
No parking is metered so please bring quarters. We do not have a designated parking lot so please give yourself enough time to look for parking.  Tardiness disrupts class so please don't be late. 


10. If I decide to wear stilettos which shoes should I wear?
Your shoes need to have a strap around and please make sure your shoes are not higher than 6 inches. We sell them on the shop online as well as our boutique.


11. What are the class sizes?

You will receive personalized attention with small classes. 


12. Can I sign up for classes now?
Yes! Please click on Book Now button below or above.
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