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Imagine being able to keep fit and move your body with confidence like a seasoned pole dancer. If this is your goal, the following classes are for you. ALL CLASSES ARE 21+ & BLACKLIGHT & GLOW IN THE DARK THEME

        GLOW POLE & MIMOSAS- First have a refreshing mimosa before you learn beginner tricks, transitions and climbs all under seductive black lighting! Learn how to walk confidently around the pole and look at yourself in the mirror to enjoy your feminine curves. Neon colors are encouraged. BOOK NOW

        WINE & YOUR SENSUAL SIDE- NO POLE TRICKS IN THIS CLASS! Learn how to use the pole as an accessory to your dance routine. This class concentrates more on turning using the dance pole, body-rolls, hair flicks and floor moves. BOOK NOW


        THIRSTY TWIRL &  TWERK   The perfect mix between pole and twerk to help you tap into your alter "stripper" ego. Beginners Welcome! BOOK NOW 


        THIRSTY TWERK  Learn the 'basics' in Twerk and learn how to put it together into a hot routine you can practice at home or in the club. This class is an amazing core and lower body workout so get ready to SWEAT! BOOK NOW

        THIRSTY TWIRL & TWERK The perfect mix between pole and twerk to help you tap into your alter "stripper" ego. Beginners Welcome! BOOK NOW


       TWERK ON THE D... Learn how to do all the FLOOR TWERK MOVES and how to translate it over to the bedroom! No Holds Barred In This Class! Bring a Friend to practice on! Ladies Only! Beginners Welcome   *THIS IS MONTHY EVENT CLASS*

        SANGRIA & SEXY LAP DANCE- Learn a lovely dance for your partner in this class! In this class, you will learn all the hottest hip rotations, isolations, body rolls and grinding techniques for your partner. Flirt with your eyes and hips for your mate and learn how to move on your partner like the "experts" in this easy to learn class. Beginners Welcome BOOK NOW



          BAD B(sh) BOOTCAMP - The ultimate in vertical cardio and strength is finally here!  This class is the perfect mix of vertical climbing cardio training and vertical fitness pole conditioning. Get the perfect body by taking this Bad B(sh) exercise class. This class is a workout HIIT Class! NO POLE TRICKS IN THIS CLASS. SNEAKERS MANDATORY. BOOK NOW


         FEMME BODY SLIDE - Slide  your way to a sexier you in this horizontal training class. This class builds strong legs and glutes in a very fun way! Do you like roller blading or ever wanted the legs and core of that of a rollerblader? Then this class is for you! SNEAKERS ARE MANDATORY!  BOOK NOW




       SANGRIA & SPLITS - Want to learn side and middle splits? Then this class is for you! In this class we warm up with dynamic function stretching and finish with passive assisted stretching. Also a perfect class for those with lower back pain and sciatic nerve issues. This class concentrates on only lower body. BOOK NOW



       SELF MASSAGE & MIMOSAS (Upper & Lower Body focus) - Massaging and releasing using pressure has been known as a flexibility's best kept secret for hundreds of years.  This program gives a complete follow along routine to release every muscle in the upper and lower body. This ensures full stretching capacity and decreases the chance of injury. Massage balls will be distributed in class. Learn how to self massage when your boo doesn't want to do it lol BOOK NOW





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